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ESA Sick Leave Provisions – 5 Paid sick leave days Provincial – March 31, 2022

This new legislation mandates that employees who have worked for their employer for at least 90 days will be eligible for the following entitlements for any illness or personal injury, per calendar year:

  • Paid Leave for up to 5 days and
  • Unpaid Leave for up to 3 days

How does this work:

All regular full time, regular part time, project and term status employees

These employees are provided 18 sick days per year after completion of 90 days of employment. Sick leave is credit to employees on a monthly basis and any unused sick leave will accumulate to a maximum of 120 days. You will not receive an additional 5 sick days as you are already over the mandated amount.

  • Staff who require sick time off and have exhausted their bank, will be advanced up to 5 paid sick days in the new calendar year (as needed).
  • Your sick time accrued during the calendar year would then be reduced by the number of days advanced to you.

Temporary full time, auxiliary casual and regular part time (who did not opt into the benefits)

  • If you have been employed for 90 days or longer – you will receive 5 paid sick days – equivalent to 5 shifts – to use at the beginning of the calendar year

The City is working on back paying sick days taken by these staff from April 1st onwards and working towards a date of August 20th – to enter into the system.  Going forward from August 20th – your sick days will be calculated within that pay period.

– Any questions – contact the CUPE office or your Manager in your area.