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CUPE Local 402 Committees

Communication Committee (Chair – Kim Jackson)

  1. Compile, edit and produce the Local’s newsletters.
  2. Maintain the Local’s website.
  3. Ensure that there are union bulletin boards on all work sites and ensure that all information on the bulletin boards is current.
  4. Produce leaflets or other informational material as required from time to time by the local.
  5. Chair the Communications Committee

Education Committee

  1. Chair the Education Committee.
  2. Maintain the Local’s Education, keeping it updated.
  3. Keep CUPE Regional informed on education

Environment Committee

  1. Chair the Environment Committee.
  2. Create posters for Earth day and Coloring Contest.

Scholarship Committee

  1. Chair the Scholarship Committee.
  2. Update the forms every year.
  3. Gather information every year for the members’ or member’s children who applied for these scholarship.
  4. Present at the General Meeting those lucky recipients who were awarded those scholarship.

Shop Steward Committee

  1. Chair the Shop Stewards Committee and sit on the Grievance Committee.
  2. Direct the gathering of all pertinent information relative to Grievances and process the Grievances through the initial stages of the procedure contained in the appropriate Collective Agreement.
  3. Work in liaison with the Second Vice-President regarding all Steward and grievance matters.

Women’s Committee

  1. 1.Chair the Women’s Committee.
  2. 2.Organize 3 to 4 events a year for donations.
  3. 3.Have 3 or 4 committee meetings a year.


For more information on all our committees call the office at 604-543-3822


President’s Message

President’s Message

Spring is in the air, and now it’s time to focus on Bargaining. It is well underway and the Union and the City have met numerous times over the past several months. Talks are progressing very well and we are feeling optimistic that we will have a fair, respectful and reasonable offer in the new future.

I am once again so incredibly proud of all the City workers here in Surrey. We were recently co-recipients with the City and IAFF, at the United Way Spirit Innovation Award. The United Way Innovation Award recognizes the workplace campaign team that created the most innovative fundraising strategies and maintained or increased dollars given directly to the United Way.

My personal belief, that helping other is an extremely rewarding experience and is a part of being a caring community. A large amount of the employees at this Great City have consistently gone above and beyond when it comes to giving, it makes me very proud to be an employee at the City of Surrey.

We will also be announcing soon our upcoming dates for our offsite Union Meetings (City Hall and Operations Centre). So stay tuned!

I am also open to meeting with individuals or groups on their own time to discuss any issues that you may have. Please feel free to contact me anytime during working hours to arrange a meeting.

On a personal note a big Thank you to our CUPE National rep, Rob, the Executive board, shop stewards and all the Union members that give me a hand each and every day, it’s your hard work and commitment that keep me grounded, informed and energized to continue to represent you in the best way that I can .

In Solidarity,