Aman Cheema

blankHi my name is Aman, and I’ve been with the city of Surrey for over 5 years, and involved with the union for about 4. I currently work for Pumps and Controls in the Engineering department.

One of the first union events that I attended was the Young Workers in Action at the Canadian Labour Congress Winter School. From this conference, I quickly became eagar to learn more of the issues in our society and those that directly involved me, which led me to pursue my interest and continue my involvement with our local.

I have been to several education seminars and conventions, and enjoyed every minute of it. I continue to learn and grow from these experiences and fully encourage all workers to participate in any way possible, such as attending a meeting or joining a local committee. It can be very rewarding with getting common interests together, encouraging involvement, and building solidarity.

Cell: 604-719-6335