President: Jeannie Kilby

Some positive changes for CUPE 402 this spring as we have moved to a new location in downtown Cloverdale!

We are so excited to have a new, welcoming, and very accessible space for our members to pop in anytime and see us.

CUPE 402 and all of our volunteers are also looking forward to more community involvement in our new home of Cloverdale. Our roots here are very deep as our very first City workers were employed here in the early 1900s all the way up to the 1960s.

2019 was another good year for us helping to support our Union members in many ways. We continue to have tremendous turnouts for our union meetings and events, as well as having many remote pop up and offsite meetings for members.

Our local welcomed 209 new unionized fitness professionals, their work helps our residents from all walks of life maintain and improve their health, benefitting our whole community.

I’m always very proud of all the work all City workers do each and every day to make Surrey a great place to live, work, and play. Collectively we do so much to help support all of the communities that make up our diverse and fast growing City; from taking 911 calls, filling pot holes, ensuring your drinking water is safe, teaching your kids how to swim, and making sure all the traffic lights work in a timely fashion… we do it all 24/7.

We will be preparing for bargaining later this year as our Collective Agreement expires December 31st 2020. Please watch out for the CUPE 402 Bargaining Surveys!

Thanks again for everyone’s support, and please feel free to reach out to us anytime.