I have been a Union activist for well over 26 years. I got involved with the Union because I truly cared about the people that I worked with and the people that work for the City of Surrey. That has never changed in my 30+ years of working for the city and it never will.

I have pretty much run full circle when it comes to the union, starting from the very basics 23 years ago as a Shop Steward and committee member, working my through some of the executive positions, remaining at first vice for several years and now serving proudly as your Union President. Prior to being elected as your Union President I was a Forman in Engineering Operations, a job that I truly loved and was dedicated to.

I have been extremely fortunate to have worked with 5 different Union Presidents as well as countless dedicated City Employees and Union Executive members over the years. I owe a debt of gratitude to all of the hard working activists that mentored me along the way and in return I have always tried to pay it forward to the Union Membership.

I have learned through the years to take the positive and effective “high road” while dealing with Management yet maintain a firm stance to protect employee’s rights and benefits. My future vision it to grow and evolve our Union local by setting up and provided much needed Mentorship opportunities so the new activists can take the time to learn and gain the experience that is needed to move forward to be a Great activist and Union representative

Thank you to everyone that has supported me along the way, Union work can at time be a Thankless endeavor and yet at times turn out to be very rewarding. It can especially hard on our families whom often take the brunt of long working days competing for our time with them. So thanks to them also.

“Good effective leadership is all about encouraging a well-balanced group of individuals with differing opinions to work together toward common goals”