Executive At Large: Toby Daniel

I have been a full time employee with the City of Surrey out of Engineering Operations for almost ten years in various departments and am currently in the Water department.

My true passion is helping people. Being able to help people and take care of our members as part of the Executive is something that is very important to me.

Currently, chair of the Environment committee and an active member on the Peer to peer, OH &S and Communications committees.

I take an active interest in bettering our Local and our membership through education and mentoring from our senior Executive officers. Always looking for opportunities to better myself and bring back what I learn to make the Local stronger. Constantly looking for new ways to keep this Union strong and taking care of our members.

Feel free to introduce yourself. I am very approachable and will make the time to chat and listen.

Cell: 604-506-0685
Email: tdd83@hotmail.com