Auxiliary Executive at Large: Paul Dybinski

I have been working for the City of Surrey as an auxiliary worker for 8 years and been active in the union for 4 years. Working in the parks and recreation department has allowed me to form many meaningful connections in our community. I feel grateful that I am living and working in a city that has so many opportunities, rapid growth and enormous potential ahead. Also, I believe we can overcome the workplace challenges we face on a regular basis. Being an Auxiliary Member at Large for me means to give auxiliary workers a voice and be proactive in improving the well-being of the workforce.

I have a diploma in commerce and business administration and currently finishing my bachelor’s degree in economics. On top of that, I have been a part of the union development education program on how to properly represent unionized employees. Therefore, I will be working diligently to get more young workers involved in the union and provide new solutions to the problems we face.