Executive at Large: Bergie Lund

Hello Everyone!

I have worked for the City of Surrey since 1998 when I was hired as an auxiliary lifeguard at the South Surrey pool.

I am currently a full time Head Lifeguard at the Surrey Sport & Leisure Complex for the past 12 years.


As well as currently:

  • Executive at Large – Cupe402
  • Women’s Committee chair – Cupe 402
  • Promote healthy workplaces as an ambassador to the ‘Not Myself Today Campaign’
  • Participated in the ‘Period Promise Campaign’
  • Sit on the citywide JOH& S committee
  • Sit on the Aquatic committee 
  • Sit on my facility specific OH&S committee 
  • Completed BC FED OH&S Level one 
  • All Safety Supervisory Skills courses completed


When I’m not volunteering, for fun I love spending time with my fur babies, my cat and dog, when I get home from work. 

I love to travel. Mostly across the Province to visit family in Cranbrook.


I’m looking forward too many more years working on positive projects and helping those in need.


In solidarity,


Bergie Lund