3rd Vice President -Denise Parks

I have been actively involved with our Local for almost 10 years. In my desire to improve working conditions for all, I’ve accepted roles as Shop Steward, Chief Shop Steward, Vice Chair , and am currently Chair of the Surrey Library Workers Sub-Local. In the 17 years since I began working with Surrey Public LIbrary, I have worked at all branches as a Circulation Assistant and on the Information Desk at a few locations. I am currently Circulation Supervisor at the Newton Branch.

The more we know about how organizations work, the better equipped we are to navigate those organizations. To this end, I have improved my skills in areas such as Shop Stewarding, Women in Leadership, Bargaining, Duty to Accommodate, Job Evaluation and Facing Management.

I have worked with CUPE BC Library Committee for the past 6 years and was appointed to the CUPE National Library Workers committee in 2012. These committees do the important work of bringing common ground from around the province and across the country to the table for discussion and debate for library workers.

Outside of the Library, I enjoy cooking, knitting, beadwork, and am involved with the Langley Weavers & Spinners Guild and Peace Arch Weavers & Spinners.

Cell: 604-341-3890
Email: ddesigns001@shaw.ca